Our Projects

Here are some of the special projects the new Chair and Executive Committee are working to address:

For more information on these projects, please see our current APAEA emphasis areas document. The Chair may appoint Executive Committee members to lead a project, and invite other APAEA members to participate on Task Groups for these projects. Please contact us if you’d like to help!

Asian Pacific American Heritage Collaborative


Several years ago, Forest Service’s Pacific Southwest Region and Intermountain Region formed a collaborative group with the Chinese Historical Society of America (San Francisco, CA), the Chinese American Museum (Los Angeles, CA), and others to better engage the APA urban community with their heritage resources on National Forests and surrounding lands within California and western Nevada. In 2015, the Forest Service partnered with the Chinese Historical Society of America to develop educational outreach materials (web and hardcopy) that highlights the early contributions of APA pioneers during the 1865 building of the transcontinental railroad and the 1849 gold rush era in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on Forest Service and surrounding lands. A website was launched in June 2017, “Chinese Heritage Sites of the American West” at https://exploreapaheritage.com/

Examples include Chinese work sites, cabins, merchant shops, railroads, tunnels, mining and timber camps. Ultimately, this will serve as a foundation for APA Heritage public programs, such as tours, conferences, school field trips, etc. Through these programs, we will invite the APA community groups, APA youth, media, other government organizations, and members of the commercial organizations (for example, chamber of commerce, tour associations) who may be able to make APA heritage public programs commercially sustainable for years to come.


Build a collaborative partnership among Forest Service, APA communities, non-profits, universities, commercial entities, and other agencies to provide interpretation and access to heritage resources on public lands for APA urban communities and others. This goal is consistent with USDA goals (rural development) and Forest Service goals (enhance recreation opportunities, engage urban America, cultural transformation).



Hilda Kwan, Environmental Coordinator (Mendocino National Forest) 

Phone (Office): 707-275-1413

Email: hilda.kwan@usda.gov